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ApnoLight™ is a world first low-cost disposable respiratory monitor. Designed and developed in Queensland Australia to solve the clinical difficulty of evaluating respiratory rate, and identifying patient apnoea when capnography is not available.

How it works

  1. Adhere to any standard oxygen face mask

  2. ApnoLight will flash a green number with every breath

  3. Record the green number as the patients respiratory rate

  4. ApnoLight will flash red is the patient stops breathing for more than 10 seconds

Key Features

  • Increased accuracy of respiratory related assessments

  • Reduced time to assess respiratory rate

  • Breath-by-breath indications

  • Easily fits to any standard oxygen face mask

  • No setup required

  • Low-cost compared to other respiratory monitors

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  • Supplied in boxes containing 100 units

  • ApnoLight is not currently approved for sale in Australia


Product availability is subject to the individual regulatory requirements of each market. Please contact us for questions regarding availability in your market.

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