Oxygen Mask Respiratory Monitor

What is ApnoLight?

ApnoLight is a unique low-cost respiratory monitor that can fit to any standard supplemental oxygen mask. The device enables medical staff to accurately monitor respiratory rate from 5 meters away, and provides an early alarm of patient apnoea up to minutes before hypoxia occurs.

Patent Pending for ApnoLight


Why did we invent ApnoLight?

ApnoLight Front-side.png

It is estimated that 6.5% of post-operative patients require ICU transfer and management, with an average cost of $32k to $43k USD per stay. Studies have shown that by implementing continuous respiratory monitoring, the number of subsequent ICU transfers can be reduced by 34%. ApnoLight will allow easy visual recognition of respiratory rate and detection of apnoea enabling early management of the patient before hypoxia occurs. Since the ApnoLight is portable and low cost, it also has the potential to have a significant impact in developing healthcare systems where expensive capnography is simply not available.

ApnoLight is not currently available for sale in Australia