Real-time Continuous Respiratory Monitor


For Adult Oxygen Masks

  • Outside of ICU and operating theaters, the standard-of-care for respiratory assessment is visual observation and examination. Even the most experienced healthcare staff can find this difficult to accurately perform on some patients.

  • It is estimated that 6.5% of post-operative patients are affected by missed apnea events, leading to ICU transfers with an average cost of $32-43k USD per stay.

  • By providing a simple visual indication for each patient breath as well as apneas, ApnoLight has been found to increase respiratory rate assessment accuracy and reduce missed apnea events.


Visual indication



Breath-by-breath  detection & display

48 Hours of continuous 


Fits to standard Adult Oxygen Masks

"It requires no setup, easy to use, and will make a huge difference to the monitoring of my patients" - PACU Nurse

Developed by practicing doctors and engineers for ease of use and reliability

How it works


Sensitive electronics continuously monitor exhaled gases from even the smallest breaths

ApnoLight attaches adjacent to the exhalation port on any standard oxygen face mask

A green light will flash with every breath.

A red light will flash if no breaths are detected for more than 10 seconds.